To Inspire to Acquire, To Educate to Relate, To Depart to Serve

Our Philosophy

South Brooklyn Academy operates on the belief that God is the Creator of all things, and man is the crowning act of His creation. His goal is to utilize the skills of dedicated human beings in an effort to restore His image in His children. He desires a completeness which will be manifested in academic excellence, social responsibility, moral maturity, and sound work ethics.

As a subsidiary unit, we are dedicated to work in collaboration with the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Education Department to ensure that our students accomplish the following:

1. Develop a close relationship with Christ
2. Become responsible citizens
3. Pursue a healthy lifestyle
4. Develop effective communication skills
5. Develop aesthetic appreciation
6. Pursue a career that will enable them to be of service in this world as they prepare others for the world to come.

As an army of believers, our primary purpose is to work in harmony with our Creator as we unite to complete the Journey to Excellence.